Medication Reviews

Please see below a list of the usual intervals that we would recommend for review for a range of common conditions/medications. However, please follow any advice that you have been given by your Doctor, specialist nurse or pharmacist if this is different:-

  • Long term pain-killers, antidepressants - Annual discussion with GP or practice pharmacist
  • Kidney disease - Annual blood test - (3-6 monthly in more advanced cases), urine test for "ACR"
  • Diabetes - Annual bloods and Diabetes clinic review if control good, more often if advised by Doctor/Nurse
  • High blood pressure - Annual kidney blood test, blood pressure
  • Body mass index over 30(in adults)/ Previous Gestational Diabetes/Prediabetes - Annual HbA1c to screen for Diabetes and weight check
  • Blood thinning medications (apixaban, rivaroxaban, dagibatran, edoxaban) - Annual blood test and weight
  • Osteoporosis medications - Review every 5 years
  • Fatty liver Disease - Blood test every 3 years (Fib 4 blood test), sometimes checks are needed more often if advised
  • HRT and Contraception - Annual review to include weight and blood pressure (sometimes more often if advised)

If you have any queries or need further clarification on the above, please contact the surgery.