Flu Services

Date 4th August 2021

Flu vaccination provides the best protection against an unpredictable virus which infects many people and can cause serious illness and death each year.

There are three vaccines, one for the over 65s, one for the under 65s and one for children. We have been asked to prioritise those patients who are most at risk in line with the Covid-19 vaccination priorities.

Flu 2021

This year we are being asked by the Government to provide a covid booster vaccination to patients in cohorts 1-9 in conjunction with our normal flu campaign. We are hoping to undertake these clinics at Heywood Family Practice. We will be contacting patients with more information once the clinics become available. We anticipate our first clinic will be held at the beginning of October 21. The exact date will be finalised as soon as we receive the vaccine delivery dates. Patients do not currently need to take any further action.

This year’s campaign will be significantly different to previous years and we would appreciate your patience and would ask you not to ring the practice until we contact you directly to invite you to book into a specific clinic.

We understand not all patients will want to receive both vaccinations and we will accommodate this.