How to make the most of your GP appointment

  1. Please be aware that we have 10 minutes per appointment.
  2. We recommend one problem per appointment.
  3. If you wish to discuss multiple issues, please mention this at the start of the appointment so that together we can prioritise what can safely be dealt with today.
  4. If we are running late, we thank you for your patience, the reasons may include:
    • Dealing with a medical emergency
    • Discussing a serious diagnosis
    • Helping an elderly patient
    • Trying to manage the expectations of a patient presenting with multiple problems
    We will endeavour to keep you updated with estimated waiting times
  5. Prior to your appointment we would recommend:
    • Giving an indication of your problem at booking can help your doctor manage the appointment for efficiency.
    • Please be on time for your appointment.
    • Think about your symptoms beforehand, what is worrying you. Maybe make a list, but be aware that we only have ten minutes.
    • Get to the point, don’t save the important issues till the end.
    • Wear accessible clothing if it’s likely you’ll need an examination.
    • Your appointment is booked for you; please don’t expect the doctor to deal with the problem of a relative or child during the appointment. Please make a separate appointment for them if they need to see a GP.