Healthy Weight Management

To support North Somerset residents to achieve a healthy weight there are a number of local weight loss programmes are available.

Each programme is free for 12-weeks and includes dietary advice, physical activity guidance and behaviour change support to help individuals start and maintain healthier habits. 

To be eligible for the free programmes offered in-person across Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Nailsea and Clevedon adults must live in North Somerset, be committed to losing weight at this current time, have a body mass index (BMI) equal to 25 or more (adjusted to a BMI of 23 or more in adults of Black African, African-Caribbean and Asian origin / or those with comorbidities). 


Programmes starting or available from September 2023 include:

Choose 2 Lose – Offers 12 weeks of group support to improve healthy habits with a focus on healthy eating and exercise. The programme is designed to participants the tools to make small but sustainable changes that can be maintained long term, supporting individuals to lose weight and maintain this weight loss. 

Previous participants have said: “The 12 weeks course has, for me, been an inspiring experience and has given me the motivation to lose weight and become much fitter through attending classes and working out in the gym. Vicky and Holly have been great in their encouragement and sound advice and have helped me to stay motivated and I will miss meeting everyone on a Friday morning but will continue to attend classes. Thanks for everything”.

This programme is available at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre in Weston-super-Mare and Scotch Horn Leisure Centre in Nailsea. For further information contact Kylie Taylor, email or call 01934 425900.


Fit Robins - Is a 12-week wellness and weight management programme to take back control of your health, available at Portishead Youth Centre in Portishead.  Embark on a transformative journey to a healthier, happier you with Fit Robins results-driven weight loss program, designed to empower you with expert guidance, personalised support, and the tools you need to achieve your wellness goals.

Previous participants have said:

“One of the aspects I loved most was the sense of community. Connecting with others who were on the same journey created a sense of camaraderie and accountability that kept me motivated. The weekly check-ins and progress tracking were also key to my success. The exercises we did every week were great fun and has changed my attitude to fitness”.

For further information contact Daisy-May England (Health & Wellbeing Practitioner), email or call 07423 418922.

North Somerset Councils Health Improvement Service within the Public Health and Regulatory Services Directorate have set up the weight loss programmes in partnership with local providers Legacy Leisure and Bristol Robins Football Club.


Health Exercise Nutrition (HEN) Postnatal – a healthy lifestyles course for mums who have given birth in the last year. Bring your baby along to the sessions and meet other mums. Delivered at Vision North Somerset in Weston-super Mare. 

Previous participants have said: “Great experience, lost weight and have made healthier choices throughout the course that I will continue. Met other mums and exercise more”

“The group has been amazing, it’s been really nice to meet the other people in similar situations with no judgement either”.

To find out more or to book a space on the next course visit, email or call 01934 426349.


Healthy Lifestyles Advisors - North Somerset Council also provides a free Healthy Lifestyles Advisor service for residents, offering residents 1-1 support to lose weight, eat well and get active. In person 1-1 support is available in Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare. 

Previous participants have said: “The advice I got has really helped me. Aleks also really goes above and beyond to be there for you, to care and to believe in me. Each week building on the new habits I learnt the week before. Thanks to Aleks, I’ve learnt a routine that has helped me fit in working out into my life. I’ve learnt how to eat without distraction and how much that caused issues with my hunger pangs. I’ve learnt how to cook batch meals, and do so every week. I’ve learnt how to leave food and to slow down. I’ve stopped judging myself as much and do all of this for an enjoyment of food, as well as my health. Food wasn’t the enemy I always thought it was. I’m really grateful to Aleks”.

For further information about support from the Healthy Lifestyles Advisors and the eligibility criteria visit, email or call 01934 426349.

To view information about other weight management support available to residents in North Somerset visit