About Patient Access

Patient Access

Patient Access now offers the ability to view parts of your medical record online - you can now access your Medication, Allergies,Immunisation record, Test results, and Read coded data. If you already have access to the service for booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions, it is easy to add access to detailed coded parts of your record. Just call in at reception and complete the form – id may be required. If you do not currently use Patient Access and would like to take advantage, please let one of our Reception Team know.

Demographic details

You can change your address, contact details and demographic information using patient access if you have a patient access account.

We have been asked by the Department of Health to ask your ethnicity if we don’t have it recorded already. If you want to advise us of your ethnicity electronically then please email heywoodfamilypractice@nhs.net

We may also ask for this information via text message.